• Must be 23 years of age or older with 2 years of verifiable professional driving experience. **We must be able to contact a previous employer to verify this experience, personal experience of owning a camper does not qualify.
  • Class A CDL is preferred but not required – If you do not have a CDL, your license must state that you are licensed to transport a commercial load with a GCWR of up to 26,000 lbs.
  • Full 10 year work history must be documented on the application with contact names, phone numbers and employement dates.
  • Current DOT physical (Long form and medical card) – Please note you cannot drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle if you have an impairment/loss of limb without a skill performance evaluation certificate. *You are disqualified if you have monocular vision or have insulin-dependent diabetes*
  • Pass a DOT Pre-employment drug screen prior to being hired – Driver is responsible for this expense.
  • Get pre-approved through our Insurance – No history of drug, DUI, OWI, careless, reckless driving, or habitual offender convictions
  • MVR Reports will be checked for the previous 3-7 years and cannot contain more than 3 moving violation or a total of 4 points
  • PSP reports will be checked. This will include all Commercial Motor Vehicle inspections and accidents you were involved in.
  • Must have a cell phone with working voicemail
  • Handsfree/Bluetooth capabilities for your cellphone. Earpiece, headset or Bluetooth through your vehicle.
  • Must possess a digital camera or a digital camera on your cell phone
  • Have a passport if wanting to make Canadian trips
  • You will be given an INTransport driving test/Hook test at Orientation.