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Driver Requirements

Some Things To Keep In Mind

  • Must be between 23 and 67 years old with a minimum of 2 years of verifiable commercial driving experience under the US DOT FMCSRs. Please note – We must be able to contact previous employers to verify this experience, personal experience of owning/hauling a camper does not qualify.
  • Class A CDL is preferred but not required – If you do not have a CDL, your license must state that you are licensed to transport a commercial load with a GVWR of up to 26,000 lbs.
  • Must be able to read and speak English.
  • Full 3 years of work history for Non-CDL, 10 years for CDL, must be documented on the application with contact names, phone numbers and employment dates.
  • Must meet the physical requirements of 49 CFR 391.41 and have a current DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate.
  • Pass a Pre-Employment Drug Screening prior to being contracted.
  • Get pre-approval through INTransport’s internal Insurance Provider and meet the requirements for Commercial Unladen Coverage through an INTransport approved provider (see below for further detail).
  • An MVR Report will be run for the previous 3-7 years of driving records. Drivers with more than 3 moving violations and/or a total of 4 or more points will not be approved.
  • A PSP Report will be run and approved or denied (PSP Reports include all Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections and Accidents).
  • Must have a working smart phone (Android or iOS) with an active data plan, working camera and voicemail.
  • All cellphones must meet the Handsfree/Bluetooth requirements as set by the US FMCSA/DOT.
  • Must be proficient in email and industry specific apps, I.E. Drive Axle, EFS, and EL Logging.
    • If using a tablet for EL Logging, tablets must have an active data plan, with data on at all times to keep logs current.
  • Have a valid passport for any desired Canadian trips.
  • All Non-CDL Drivers must complete and pass an INTransport Road Test at Orientation.

Driver Insurance Eligibility Requirements

  • Drivers must be pre-approved through INTransport’s internal Insurance Provider.
    • No history of drug, DUI, OWI, careless, reckless driving, or habitual offender convictions.
  • Drivers must be eligible for Commercial Unladen Coverage through an INTransport approved provider.
    • Drivers must be between the ages of 23 and 67 years old (unless agreed upon in advance by the Insurance Company’s Underwriters).
    • Drivers with any major violations or convictions at any time in the past will not be eligible. Such violations/convictions include but are not limited to:
      • DWI, DUI and/or any drug related conviction
      • Any felony convictions
      • Manslaughter/negligent homicide or hit and run
      • Racing or reckless driving violations/convictions
      • Driving on a suspended license
      • Fleeing/eluding arrest

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